About Us

GlobalNet Services Group is an international contract software services provider with offices in North America and Asia. We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality software engineering services at a very reasonable cost. We are engineers and specialists in the design and development of Cloud-based platform solutions for many specialized industry sectors

GlobalNet delivers managed services in long term support contracts to ensure business continuity and uphold extremely high IT service levels. The majority of our client base is structured through long-term outsourcing partnerships that deliver real value and specialized teams.

Modern project management techniques and high-quality software engineering are used to solve complex business problems and support the growth of our clients as they build their IT businesses. This results in flexible, reliable and scalable business solutions. GlobalNet is completely focused on delivering the highest levels of excellence in software engineering to our growing client base.

At GlobalNet, we understand the importance of being a first mover in fast-changing industry and we are committed to using our advanced technologies, economies of scale and depth of services to help our clients stay ahead of the game.